Sustainability is our focus

We stand for honest, sustainable poultry breeding. For us, sustainability means that our partner breeders offer high-quality poultry, with a focus on more animal welfare. Our free-range poultry are born, raised and prepared in the catchment area of western France.*

Our breeding guidelines comply with the EU requirements for free-range poultry.

*except for goose.


Animal Welfare Control Program

In order for our partner breeders to be able to assess the well-being and health of the animals even better in the future, observations from breeders and findings from slaughter animals are recorded from the slaughterhouse. to monitor our poultry well-being following a selected range of indicators.


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For a better attitude

We support the European Chicken Commitment to meet our customers' demand for products that meet new animal welfare standards.

...and more animal welfare

Nature & Respect is committed to animal welfare, hygiene and animal health.

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Our poultry are raised outdoor. Discover our wide range of high-quality poultry products: from the classic chicken breast fillet to the spicy chicken drumsticks.

  • Slower growing breed
  • GMO-free feeding
  • Green Label Marinades: Marinades 100% Free from allergens, additives and flavor enhancers
  • Free from allergens, additives and flavour enhancers
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