Free-Range Chicken Breast Fillet - Tender Herbs

Especially in summer we also offer marinated chicken products in our assortment like paprika-chili, tender herbs or curcuma & onion - perfect & delicious for the barbecue season!

Discover our Green Line marinades now: 100% free of allergens, aromas, palm fat, additives and flavor enhancers.

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Free-Range chicken breast fillet - tender herbs

Nutritional values

Nutritional information per 100g
Energy 608 kJ - 145 kcal
Fat 5,9 g
• Saturated fat 0,9 g
Carbohydrates 0,9 g
• Sugar 0,7 g
Protein 22 g
Salt 0,97 g
Balast substances 0 g

Our Free-Range - Chicken

  • GMO-free feeding
  • Slower growing breed, breedin period of at least 56 days
  • More space to grow up: stocking density in the house of 13 animals/m2 maximum.
  • Bred in open air for minimum half of its life: at least 1m2 per chicken.
  • Fed on a 100% vegetarian, mineral and vitamins diet with a minimum of 70% cereals.
  • Enriched environment with substrates: straw bals and pecking stones to express its natural behavior.

Our Tender-Herb marinade

Vegetable oil (rapeseed, olive), salt, tomatoes, shea butter, dextrose, garlic, herbs: 0.1%, spices, onion, lemon juice from concentrate, basil, sugar, mint: 0.02%.

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