Free-Range Turkey Cutlets x2

Gesund und lecker!

Probieren Sie unsere Pute aus Freilandhaltung!

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Free-Range Turkey Cutlets x2

Nutritional values

Nutritional information per 100g
energie 458 kJ - 108 kcal
fat 0,9 g
• saturated fat 0,3 g
carbohydrates 0 g
• sugar 0 g
protein 25 g
salt 0,15 g
balast substances 0 g

Our Free-Range - Turkey

  • GMO-free feeding
  • Robust breed: slower growing breed (weight gain of maximum 110g/day)
  • More time to grow up: breeding time of minimum 98 days
  • More space to grow up: maximum 35kg/m2 (36% more space)
  • Bred in open air for minimum half of its life: at least 4m2 per turkey
  • Fed on a 100% vegetarian, mineral and vitamins diet with a minimum of 70% cereal
  • Enriched environment with substrates: straw balls and picking stones

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